A Dream of Every Eye 

The craze of modified cars is not new the passion has been curiously followed since early 80s. Basically everyone desires for a performance oriented car with dynamic looks. Modified cars are meant to have eye catchy features and are certainly priced. It depends upon the weight of car and list of restricted automobiles are mentioned behind the license. 

The Rising Demand 

Looking up to the escalating demand Japanese car manufacturers launched various modified versions under brands like: Nissan, Civic, Skyline, etc. These cars especially due to reliability issues were not accepted well initially. Whereas, the market was shaken up by some iconic launch of European car manufacturers like: Peugeot, Volkswagen Corrado, BMW M3, etc. The craze of modified cars has grown a level ahead and even with high prices the lucrative offers are well encashed.

Here listed are top 3 highly luxurious modified cars that you’d love to own: 

1.      Nissan GT RAMS Alpha 12:

This 4 litre V6 AWD car launched in 2011 is a distinctly luxurious car with beauty. The 1500 hp engine and the lightning speed of 1375 Nm at the rate of 4500 rpm turns it into perfect thumbs up. An amazing blend of technology loaded eye pleasing car ready to empty your entire pocket load in nano seconds.

2.      SSC Tuatara:

With over 1350 hp engine and top speed of 430 kmph SSC Tuatara with 7 litres capacity is a beauty worth adoring. The car is priced well suitable to its features especially with the great engine power and torque the car has been a powerful machine with certainly vibrant features.

3.      HTT Locus Plethore LC 1300:

This 1300 hp car with top speed 385 km per hour and a handsome amount make it a lucrative deal for speedy car lovers. It takes no second sigh to make you fall in love with this beauty. With over 950 Nm torque at the rate of 3000 rpm presents an amazingly contending deal at really thoughtful price.

Now as you have seen some far to fetch dream cars here is the list of top 5 best modified carsof all time that you’d love to own: 

1.      Toyota Supra:

One of the most demanded race car which is standing on head stream for modified car lovers is Toyota Supra. This performance oriented vehicle have large stream for custom in-take abilities.


2.      Ford Mustang:

America’s most favorite muscle car Ford Mustang is a one of its kind beauty. The Ford Mustang is loaded with V8 engine which does not suffice speed appetite of car drivers and hence modification is certainly demanded. Even with its great price the added expense of modified cars does not haul back its likeability.

3.      Mazda MX-5 Miata:

Modified cars bring in ample of surprising elements and car with larger scope for modification with in-built sophisticated features are preferred. Mazda MX 5 Miata is one of such modified cars 5.01 litre V8 engine with high power creditability. Provisional driving license is not applicable for this car.

4.      Dodge Charger:

Dodge Charger has been one of the most beloved modified cars since decades and one of its most famous models is State Troopers. This car has amazed at every limit and can be seen very often running on street in its modified versions.

5.      BMW 3-series:

The worldwide BMW lovers have admired the modified version 3 series. With ample of modification scope the car has been the first choice of common people as well as for racing car connoisseurs. Provisional driving license holder can have access to this car by certain modification which can take this car out of legal obligations.

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