Automobile industry is one of the biggest industries in the world. Millions of cars of different varieties are made and are sold in the market all over the world. This is not enough, the scrap generated by this industry is also there. Millions of cars turn into scrap due to varied reasons. These reasons may include a car that has been badly damaged in an accident or the car which is not working etc. These cars are not of any use as they do not function properly. If these cars are thrown into the landfills, then the landfills will overflow and hence harms the environment and is harmful for the future generation. Therefore, to solve out this problem, scrap yards have been built, which dispose of the scrap car in an environmental friendly way.

People who have the scrap cars can get salvage yards at national level to dispose of their car. Salvage yards or the scrap yards are basically the centers which recycles the scrap cars that are brought their and instead of it they pay cash to them. They dispose of the cars in an environmental friendly way. They first drain out all the chemicals from the car and then remove the usable parts of that car and sell those parts in the market to other customers who are searching for those parts. Now the metal of the car, they use to sell that metal to the automobile companies and this metal is used to make new vehicles. Therefore there is nothing left from that car which will harm the environment.

All the scrap yards are not ideal. An ideal scrap yard is a centre which has obtained the licenses from Waste Carriers and the Environment Agency Waste Management. The scrap yards which have these licenses are audited regularly to ensure appropriate working. The owners of the scrap cars must ensure that the scrap yard they are choosing is authorized and also issue you Certificate of Destruction. This ensures that you are selling your car at a safe Junk Yard.

Lastly, these scrap yards should understand the needs of their customers and fulfill their needs or expectations so as to maintain their reputation.

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