When it comes to cars especially for the learners, it is a quite tasking duty. This is because there are several tidbits that new car owners may not know that may enhance their driving, the performance of the car or even make the driving experience much more comfortable and exciting. People love cars but at times it can be annoying when you don’t know what to do and you end up doing things the hard way all the time. Learn some easy tips to make the experience with your car better and more fun.

Freeing yourself from snow.

Always make sure that you have a bag of kitty litter in your trunk. This is especially important if you stay in snowy areas. When stuck in snow, sprinkle some of the litter behind your tires and this could improve traction and save you from spending a night in the cold.

Caring for your car battery.

Applying Vaseline around the posts of your battery will improve the connection with the cables attached. Also if your battery has been corroded you don’t have to it attack with a hundred cleaning agents. Simply pour a carbonated drink on the posts or a mixture of water and baking soda. These will eat away the corrosion.

Improving fuel efficiency and performance.

Set your spark plugs at the furthest distance recommended by the manufacturer when tuning. This goes a long way to improve the performance and idling of your car and will also improve on the car’s fuel efficiency meaning you’ll get to go further for less.


Among the things that can get on a car owner’s nerve is keeping a car clean. This is much so if there are stains that prove hard to remove and the fact that they can be easily spotted makes it even more frustrating. However, there are some known agents that can remove some of the stains with relative ease. To start line the trunk of your car with a plastic rug. This will protect the car’s carpet and also make it easier to clean. If tar is stuck to the paint of your car you can use laundry pre-wash to remove it. You can also use peanut butter if the tar stain is in the finish of your car. Rub linseed oil on rubber mats that have tar stains and let it stay for about 15 minutes before rubbing it with a dump cloth to get rid of the stains.


Make sure to rotate your tires after every 10,000 miles. This will help in evenly wearing them out in that they will have an extended life. You can buy new tires after every 40,000 miles and be sure to get them from a shop with a discount so as to spend less.

Avoiding rust.

Finally, if you want the good looks of your car to remain for long, you have to prevent rusting by maintaining the paint job. If this fails and you chip the paint, clean the area promptly and then apply clear nail polish. It helps to prevent rusting. You can also clean rust off your from bumper by using aluminum foil and Coca-cola.

Hoping that you have now learnt something that will make the bond between you and your car stronger and less stressful, another tip is to never forget your Driving Licence Renewal. It will not only keep you driving but also keep you from landing in trouble.

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